Released Titles
Star Wars : TOR The Saboteur Transformer : The Game Scooby Doo
  Developer Savage Entertainment  
  Publisher THQ  
  Release Date October 17, 2006  
  Platform Sony PSP  
  Engine Savage Proprietary  
  Summary   This project was my first at Savage and saw me transition   Tasks   Implemented Subtitles and Sound for Cutscenes
      from an Intern to a Junior Designer. Savage, being a smaller       Implemented Localizations for Subtitles and Sound
      developer, allowed me quickly establish myself and take on       Managed external asset and localization subcontractors
      many roles.       Assisted Senior Designers with bugfixes and testing


  Lesson Learned : Kids' Titles

This project was a great learning experience in terms of designing for the non-hardcore gamer demographic. Game conventions need to be spelled out explicitly, GUI elements need to be easy to read and immediately recognizable, and control should be smooth.

In the case of Scooby, our levels were based on the hub system : a free-roaming area is the central spoke with missions that spring from locations in this courtyard. Missions included driving the Mystery Machine, racing toward the camera as Shaggy holding Scooby, and a Platform-style mission.

  Lesson Learned : Licensed Content

Additionally, I also learned about working with a license holder - in this case Warner Brothers holds the rights to the Scooby Doo franchise. This adds another layer to the typical Developer / Publisher relationship.

Numerous revisions came late in development from both the Publisher and the License Holder. The best way to head off these issues in advance is to be as familiar with the franchise as possible.


One of my favorite aspects of Game Development is teamwork - sharing a common vision with a group dedicated to bringing their ideas to the market. By now I've had the opportunity to experience being in both a junior and a leadership position on projects and I feel like a productive and influential piece of the process in either capacity.

As Level Designers we take ownership of a section of the game and try to get the most out of it. That takes considerable leadership, communication, and teamwork skills. Not only am I up to the task, but I've never felt so alive as when I'm in this place.




I was very fortunate to get my start at Savage Entertainment. At the time they were small but growing with a foundation of strong mentors with old school experience (Mechwarrior 2, baby!). The family atmosphere really fostered teamwork and comraderie. In a short amount of time I gained considerable experience in many aspects of Game and Level Design.

In particular I'd like to thank Chacko Sonny for giving me the opportunity to get my start at Savage, and Mary Miller for trusting my skills enough to recommend me. I owe you guys big time!

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