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Brian Bartram



Senior World Designer                   Bioware Austin                                                     Feb 2010 - Current


Star Wars : The Old Republic (PC MMORPG)

·       Implemented quests in HeroBlade toolset (a realtime, collaborative networked platform).

·       Multiplayer considerations were a major focus of design (instancing / phasing).

·       Strong focus on story, player choices have important ramifications.

·       Open world, streaming game development for the PC.

·       Created compelling gameplay within the structure of the Star Wars licensed IP.


Senior Game Designer               Pandemic Studios, Westwood, CA                       2008 - 2009 (2 years)


The Saboteur (Xbox360 / PS3 / PC)

         Senior Designer overseeing freeplay group consisting of 6 junior and mid-level designers.

         My personal workload included 12 unique freeplay missions in addition to management and mentoring duties.

         Experience includes

      Lua scripting, both for missions and systems.

      Open world, streaming game develoment.

      Xbox360 and PS3 development environments.

      Visual Studio, Perforce, Softimage XSI experience.

Non-Project Responsibilities

         In late 2008 I instituted a mentoring program for Lua scripting at our studio, drawing from the EA University Curriculum but customizing for our particular implementation of Lua.  I continue to lead this program's weekly classes as the primary mentor and organizer.


Game Designer                     Savage Entertainment, Los Angeles, CA                       2006 - 2008 (2 years)


Destroy All Humans 3 (PS2 / PSP)

Transformers : The Game (PSP)

Darpa - Real World Training Sim (PC)

Crises - DoD / Homeland Security Training Sim (PC)

Scooby Doo : Who's Watching Who? (PSP)

         Created original concepts for levels including design doc, sketches, and 3d layouts.

         Whiteboxed levels in 3ds Max.

         Managed artists and programmers in producing levels. 

         Scripted level logic in proprietary Sabertooth engine, LUA, and XML using Visual Studio.

         Designed in-house tools, such as Visual Logic Editor and contributed extensively to the in-house Wiki.

         Lead implementation of sound fx, subtitles, and localization.

         Worked with VSS and SVN content management systems.

         Worked with PSP, PS2, and PC development tools.

         Experience working with Engines/Editors

o  Torque

o  UnrealEd

o  Source

o  Operation Flashpoint


Environment Artist               GameWizards                                                              2005 - 2006

         Modeled and textured assets for Unreal mod Monstersmash.

         Imported, placed, and tested assets in UnrealEd.

         Created Diffuse, Specular, Bump, and Normal maps.


President, Lead Video Designer              Mutagen Visuals                               2000 - 2006

         Created Mutagen Visuals to provide video projection services for live events

         Subcontracted for private events, theatrics, tradeshows, concerts, dance clubs, festivals, and more

         Produced custom 2D and 3D graphics and animations for a wide range of corporate clients including Nike, Budweiser, the Majic Johnson Foundation, and more.




Video Game Art and Design (BS)                   Art Institute of CA, LA                         2005 - 2007

         Founded AICLA 3D Club in Winter of 2006 to address the need for

         peer support and information sharing among AICLA students

         Winner, Best of Quarter Award, Game Design and Gameplay

         Winner, Best of Quarter Award, Advanced Level Design


Computer Science (BS)                             Univ. of Georgia                                          1996 -2000

         Degree includes 3 years experience programming in C++, one year of

         Java, and four years working in the Unix OS

         Member, Delta Epsilon Iota National Honors Fraternity

         Member, Golden Key National Honor Society               


Clubs and Activities


         Member, International Game Developer's Association

         Member, Video Game Voter's Network

         Member, ACM / Siggraph



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