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Senior Game Designer, BioWare Austin

“Brian is a top notch game designer on all counts, and a flat-out great guy. I worked closely with him at BioWare, designing missions on Star Wars: The Old Republic, and he was an asset to the team from day one. His cheerful attitude makes him easily approachable, his boundless creativity makes him a great designer to collaborate with, and his leadership experience makes him a driving force for quality. Even while I was teaching him BioWare’s tools and processes (which he got down pat very quickly), he taught me a great deal about game design and pushed me to look at my designs in all new ways. Frequently, we would have discussions about pros and cons of different methods of implementation that ultimately ended with our missions hitting a higher quality than they would have otherwise. Always a hard worker, Brian makes sure to ask all the necessary questions before saying his work is ‘done’. “Does this feel like our game?” “Is this bulletproof?” “Would the audience have fun playing this?” Brian takes every step to ensure a great experience for the player with his innovative design ideas, precise attention to detail, and solid, stable implementation. Whenever I had the opportunity to play through his missions, they always met the BioWare standard. I recommend Brian to any studio looking for an excellent designer with a fiery passion for making the best games in the industry.” 

Ahmed Abdel-Meguid, World Designer, BioWare Austin, May 16, 2010
worked directly with Brian at BioWare Austin

Senior Game Designer, Pandemic Studios

“Brian was a great addition to our design team; a dedicated hard-worker with an eye for seeing how the end-user may approach his missions, I feel we truly benefited from having him add mission content to the Saboteur. He was always willing to take feedback from all who test-played his missions, whether that person be a 'hard-core gamer' or not and used it to push what could be done with the tools and resources we had. In addition to his professional abilities - which I could go on and on about - Brian was a real joy to work with personally. He always brought a great sense of humor to the scene as well as shared his proactive viewpoint with his workmates. It can be hard to stay positive after long hours, but I could always count on Brian to help lift me and others back up if we faltered. He's a wonderful addition to any team, and I wouldn't hesitate to work with him again given the opportunity.” 

Danielle Pino, Program Manager, Microsoft Game Studios, May 22, 2010
worked with Brian at Pandemic Studios

“I had the pleasure of working with Brian on The Saboteur for a number of years. We collaborated on AI design and layout for missions, and also worked closely on the downloadable content. He has a terrific work ethic, never shied away from technical challenges, and always had a great attitude. I hope to be able to work with him again in the future, as he was a huge asset to the Saboteur team.”

Quinn Dunki, Chief Sarcasm Officer, One Girl, One Laptop Productions, May 11, 2010
worked directly with Brian at Pandemic Studios

“I had the privilege of working with Bartram during the development of Saboteur. Brian was always hardworking and amiable, and never hesitated to take on extra responsibility, or accept constructive criticism about his design work. As a particularly technical designer, he was able to work almost completely independently, rarely needing to pull engineering in to help with his work. Combine those technical chops with a solid creative design sense, and you get a designer whose missions were always technically and creatively solid, who never shirked from responsibility, and was always easy to work with. I would not hesitate to recommend Brian to anyone, and sincerely hope to work with him again in the future.” 

Justin Truman, Senior Programmer, Bungie, May 10, 2010
worked directly with Brian at Pandemic Studios

“I can write a lot about Brian's technical expertise as a scripter or his ability to get "it" done but the thing that most impressed me about Brian was his desire to make something enjoyable. Brian was constantly worried about making his missions fun and it only helped that he was able to consistently deliver high quality work that made whatever he was showing close to the vision that he had for it. I always enjoyed talking to him about game design in general and he always impressed with his energy and his drive to make everything he worked on good. He's easily got one of the best brains out there as a designer and any team would benefit greatly from having him work on their game.” 

Dave Padilla, Producer, GOSUB 60, Inc., May 10, 2010
worked with Brian at Pandemic Studios

“I was paired up with Brian on more than a few missions, my role being an environment artist. I was impressed with his approach to open world mission design. The world was largely complete from the art side and designers had to be creative in their mission designs, especially late in the project. Brian was always able to create fun objectives that explored intersting parts of the map while making the experience feel fresh and new. I was also impressed with his organizational skills and the way he handled feedback. In fact Brian was the only designer that actively sought playtests from the team once a mission was in a playable state. I would absolutely love to work with Brian again on any project, and You should too!” 

Garrett Pence, Environment Artis, May 7, 2010
worked with Brian at Pandemic Studios

“I worked with Brian on "The Saboteur' and found he was an excellent designer to collaborate with. Not only did he have his own great ideas but he was also open to a different take from others. He made great use of the environment in the game to make compelling missions that were right up there with the some of the best. I would definitely like to work with him again.” 

Joe Myers, Lead Artist, Electronic Arts, May 7, 2010
worked with Brian at Pandemic Studios

“While working with Brian on The Saboteur over at Pandemic, I had the great pleasure of seeing him produce high quality work in many a tense spot. There were a number of times when someone else's system or mission was in poor shape, and Brian took control of it and brought it up to quality within a narrow timeframe. Brian has excellent vision and scripts and designs in a clean and effective manner. He always keeps his cool when things can get a bit hairy, and produces top quality work. Brian would be a heavy hitter on any Development team. I highly recommend Brian for any Design position.” 

Jeff James, Business and Planning Analyst, The Boeing Co., November 19, 2009
worked with Brian at Pandemic Studios


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