How do I get started?

You love games and want to make them?  Great!  Here are some recommendations for how to get started.

How do I take the next step?

You've made a few basic games and want to add more skills to your toolkit.  Here's a list of software with pros and cons.

Where can I find art I can use?

Want to make games but not confident in your art skills?  There are a variety of options for getting art you can use.

How do I learn to program?

Code is the foundation of interactivity in games.  Expand your programming wizardry and have fun doing it!

How do I learn to create game art?

Ready to craft your own game art?  Whether 2D or 3D it's easy to get started, take your first steps today.

Where can I find communities?

Learn, share, and grow.  Communities can encourage, help you playtest your game, and assist in solving your problems.

New!  Intro to Making Games with Stencyl

Stencyl is a great tool for beginners, so I selected it for a series of classes I'm teaching for Inneract Project in San Francisco. 

Click here to see the Gateway Middle curriculum.

Click here to see the Video Game Academy curriculum.

What is this site?

I'm a professional video game designer with a passion for teaching game development and related skills to others who might be interested in making games.  This site aims to help those new to game design find out how they can take their first steps into the world of game development.

This site is especially aimed at those completely new to making games, but also provides resources for those who have created a few games and are ready to expand their skills. It is my hope that people of all ages, cultures, interests, and perspectives will lend their creativity and viewpoint to our medium - we need and welcome everybody!

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