Contact Me

If you have suggestions, found errors, have other sites/software I should include, or want your link or image removed you can reach me at my gmail account.
Follow me on Twitter @mutagen13.

Here's some places you might find me if you're wandering the internet:

TowerMatch on Kongregate - a personal project that I did in my spare time
“Breaking into the Industry” article on EA’s blog from when I worked at Visceral Games
How I Mayor” SimCity blog for EA.  Also, More SimCity tips and SimCity AMA on Reddit
Unknown Worlds talk - Game Design Resources (video)
Nerd Nite talk, “Lessons Learned as a Game Design Mercenary” (video)
Video Game Academy VGA at Gateway Middle - the landing pages for my volunteer work on Inneract's website
2014 Global Game Jam game - “Ghost Stabbers” - a fun game I created with an ad hoc team at GGJ SF 2014
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